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Kolaveri Meaning:
According to the musician (Anirudh Ravichander), who consisting this tune on very first, Why this Kolaveri Di indicates “why do you have this murderous wrath against me?” On why the Kolaveri Di is known as the ‘soup song’, Anirudh says “Soup is a Tamil concept used for folks who go through failing in really like. Terms like these are used by youthful folks in the actual world but in a tune, we were presenting them. And these words have proved helpful well for Kolaveri Di”

I had pay attention this tune 2 several weeks ago and discovered it excellent. and different.. This tune has entered all restrictions of reputation and has transformed out internationally. Also kolaveri di is the most explored movie in last two several weeks. Its reputation has improved so much that after per weeks time “The women version” Released of it, then the Kid edition that sang by India’s well-known musician Sonu Nigam’s son Neewan it’s really a lovely edition. But it does not end here we can think about the reputation of tune by other editions of it there are Two Punjabi editions of it and also these days I Took in the Language R&B edition of Kolaveri.Even a new scam is traveling by air around about this tune think what? “People are saying thank god musician is not rajnikant of this tune, it’s his son-in-law Dhanush. Otherwise this tune could be the nationwide anthom of india.

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