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McAfee AVERT Stinger Free Download Direct Online To PC Full Free. You Can Download Latest Version and Use On PC.
McAfee is a stand-alone application used to identify and eliminate specific Trojans. It is not a alternative for full anti-virus protection, but rather a device to assist staff and users when interacting with an contaminated system. Stinger uses next technology check engine technology, such as process checking, electronically finalized DAT information, and check efficiency optimizations.
McAfee Prevent Stinger 10 Removes:
- Backdoor-AQJ, Back Door-ALI, Back-door-CEB
- Back Door-JZ, Bat/Mumu.worm, Down-loader-DN.a
- Exploit-DcomRpc, Exploit-LSASS, Exploit-MS04-011
- HideWindow, IPCScan, IRC/Flood.ap.dr
- IRC/, IRC/, NTServiceLoader
- ProcKill, PWS-Narod, PWS-Sincom.dll
- W32/Anig.worm, W32/Bagle@MM, W32/Blaster.worm (Lovsan)
- W32/Bropia.worm, W32/Bugbear@MM, W32/Debor m.worm.gen
- W32/Doom-juice.worm, W32/Dumaru, W32/Elkern.cav
- W32/Fizzer.gen@MM, W32/Fun-Love, W32/Robotic.worm
- W32/Klez, W32/Korgo.worm, W32/Liva
- W32/Lovgate, W32/Mimail, W32/MoFei.worm
- W32/Mu-mu.b.worm, W32/My-doom, W32/Na chi.worm
- W32/Net-sky, W32/Nimda, W32/Pate
- W32/Polybot, W32/Sasser.worm, W32/Sdbot.worm.gen
- W32/SirCam@MM, W32/Sober, W32/Sobig
- W32/SQLSlammer.worm, W32/Swen@MM, W32/Yaha@MM
- W32/Zafi, W32/Zindos.worm, W32/Zotob.worm
- W32/My-wife.d

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